Genocide, rape and all forms of human right violation in Balochistan by Pakistan Army

Balochistan geographically is a major part (44%) of Pakistan while only 5% population of Pakistan is in Balochistan.  Genocide, rape and all forms of human right violation is common in Balochistan. Recent news tells that 25,000 people have gone missing. Pakistani Army comb villages to kill all Baloch people including children and their cattle. 

Women are forcefully taken to rape cells and subject to constant physical and mental violence. As per Pakistani Army they are fighting against insurgency while as per the people of Balochistan they are not part of Pakistan. Balochistan had never been a part of Pakistan. It was the British which left it divided into 3 parts. It was indeed a country with its parliament. With Mr. Jinnah’s conspiracy Balochistan was invaded and later occupied by Pakistan. All the people in Balochistan want freedom and what Baloch Liberation Army is doing there is a freedom movement.

Why is UN not intervening even if they know that Pakistan is the epicenter of global terrorism? Here I am not talking about the general masses of Pakistan who have been suffering a lot from poverty and terrorism. Incidents of terrorism that is happening in Germany, France, Turkey and other countries in Europe have their roots in Pakistan. 

Why China invested billions of dollars in Balochistan?

To bring peace or to acquire oil, metals, minerals from the region? China has declared an investment of over 48 billion dollars in Balochistan. There is vested interest in doing so. China with the help of ISIS and Pakistani terrorist groups may want to extinct Baloch people from Balochistan. US itself is the largest exporter of arms and ammunition and to Pakistan even if knowing that Pakistan has been an epicenter of terrorism. ISIS has created all the terror groups in Pakistan in order to sponsor terrorism all through the world. US who sends billions of dollars to Pakistan should rethink in its money and arms policy towards Pakistan. It is not to forget that one cannot keep his home safe by hatching plans of destroying homes of others. Pakistani army, ISIS, terrorist groups and all the supporters of terrorism worldwide should keep this in mind that violence that they are creating may one day burn their own homes. 

Will Baloch people die fighting for freedom?

Why Pakistan takes to genocide of Baloch people? The reason is rich reserve of gold, minerals and Gas. Without Balochistan Pakistan will die of hunger. Entire Pakistan lives on loans from IMF, US and China and other western countries. If Balochistan becomes an independent country china and US will never make any deal with Pakistan as without Balochistan Pakistan will be land-locked. Due to increase in terrorism foreign investment in Pakistan is very less, No country wants to put their money as an investment. Multinational companies are very few in Pakistan as there is instability and terrorism, Most of the general masses in Pakistan are unemployed because of their directionless government, an army which supports terrorism and ISIS which acts as an agent of terrorism.

Before the Baloch people suffer deaths by the hand of Pakistani terrorists, army, the whole world should come up to their rescue. Now it’s time to help Balochistan in getting freedom from years of suffering, insult and genocide.

Recent genocide captured in Balochistan, watch the video.


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