Global Economic crisis

Everywhere you may hear some crisis news in newspapers and you may think why the global peace is in stake. Global peace is in stake as we have no concern for others. For instance take Syria has been in deep unrest from 1992. Till date 4.4 million Syrians have been living as refugees with dire living conditions. Some 1.3 million refugees from Syria have fled to Turkey. UN reported that there are millions of Syrians who have been deprived of their basic needs due to poverty and the conditions are deteriorating day by day.

Greece has been in a debt crisis. Not only Greece but most of the Europe has been sinking into recession. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Russia to address BRIC meet. The prime minister said BRIC countries should unite and promote trade among them in order to fight against the global financial crisis. He also indirectly said the unilateral sanctions against Russia in connection to Ukraine hurting the global economy.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : News| Sub Category : International News|Date : July 09,2015

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