God Vs Religion

God is not merely a word of everyday worship , it is beyond a word as we know its importance. Different people call him with different names. As there are different religions there we have different Gods. If God is one then why every religion has its distinct God. Religion is faith and faith is God and all the doctrines of religion are man-made and we most of the time are ignorant about the doctrines and dogmas of religion as we have less knowledge about its origination and inclusion. Religion is something that can not be explained by logic as your religion may have many different aspects that may not match with my religion. Those who say that their religion is more powerful and flourished and developed than yours are the real ignorants and culprits of mankind. Faith is what creates a religion while we are sometimes maligns its dignity as our understanding of religion is just based upon the books of religion and nothing beyond that.


God and the soul are one while the purity of our thoughts and action should be our religion. Morality vs immorality is an endless debate while everything that does good to soul-growth benefits mankind by value or virtue. Presence of God in the temples of our outer world is a mere falsity while his presence in the deeper recess of our soul is a bare truth, hence the inwardly inclined spritualistic self has a brighter chance to find God rather than an outwardly inclined religious human.
Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Self-help| Date : November 10,2011

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