God-woman Radhe Maa from Sukhwinder Kaur

God-woman Radhe Maa from Sukhwinder Kaur has been a radical transformation for a married woman from Mukerian in Hoshiarpur district of Punjab. Sukhwinder Kaur, who would stitch cloths and had a sweet shop to support her husband and children, became Radhe Ma in no time. Her husband went to Gulf for a good income and  Sukhwinder Kaur engaged herself with Paramhans Dera.

She would travel with Paramhans Dera to hold satsangs accorss various parts of the country. She was also known as an incarnation of goddess Durga. When she came to Mumbai he husband and children also came with her but it was said the relationship with them is like guru and disciples.


When Radhe maa landed in Mumbai she got disciples from Bollywood. Sanjeev Gupta. The owner of Global Advertiser, one of a disciple of Radhe Maa has helped in advertising the satsang advertisements for Radhe Maa. As per him Radhe maa is clean as distend water. He further says Radhe maa never declared her as an incarnation of Godess Durga neither she had anything to do with the dowry case labeled against her.

Recent obscenity controversy is all about morphed pictures of her that went viral all through the country to tarnish her image. It is really impossible to say what is truth and what is not in this regard. Remember that Godman Asharam and Rampal were worshipped not less than God.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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