Godman Rampal's arrest

Rampal, a self-proclaimed incarnation of 15th century Kabir was a junior engineer with Haryana irrigation department till 2002. Rampal Singh Jatin was his real name.

He was found “careless” in his work and before a suspension he himself filed a resignation and quit the job to become a full-time Godman.

Tuesday 18th of November there was a fierce battle went on between his supporter and the police of Haryana.  Despite a non-bailable warrant to appear before the High Court Rampal did not turn up before the court. When the police went on to arrest him from his Ashram

Born Sep 8, 1951, in Dhanana village near Gohana town of Haryana's Sonipat Rampal came from a family of farmers. Rampal was popular among the lower strata of the society. He preached against worship to God, fasting and other religious practice that generally hindu religion follows.

He was forced to vacate his Ashrma built in 1999 in Karontha in Haryana's Rohtak district when a clash between their followers and the followers of Arya Samaj took place iin 2006, killing nearly  3 people including a woman from Arya Samaj.

Rampal did not appear before the court forcing the court to issue a non-bailable warrant against him on Nov 5th. He was suppose to appear before the court on Nov 10 and then Nov 17. But he did not turn up citing medical reason.

When the state police of Haryana approached the his BARWALA's Satlok Ashram they could not arrest  the Godman due to stiff opposition from his army in ashram. The ashram was sealed from inside along with the followers. Followers in the Ashram were also locked inside the Ashram security did not let them go out from the Ashram. When they came out from the Ashram on Tuesday most of the followers told the media that Rampal Baba was nothing but a fraud. 

Today violent clash broke out between the police and the followers of Rampal leaving over 200 persons  severly injured which include the security personnel, police personnel, media persons. During the effort to arrest Rampal police got stiff resistance from the supporters of Rampal who allegedly fired at the police and threw petrol bombs.

Tension increased when the police repeatedly announced to clear their way to enter the Ashram premises in order to arrest Rampal while the followers of Rampal did not take heed of the police instructions and opened fire at them, pelted stones, hurled petrol and acid bombs. Out of 200 people 100 policemen got injured.

FIRs have been slapped against those who are responsible of violence clashes as well as against Rampal police filed 3 FIRs :one for the violence and injury to innocents people and for putting their lives in stake. Second is for keeping the followers hostage inside the hostage and the third FIR is connected to self-immolation attempt made by 50 people by pouring diesel which was foiled by police.

As per the police chief this operation was very challenging as there are so many women and children to rescue towards safer places under safe conditions.

Arresting Rampal is the main objective behind the operation who is still inside the Ashram.  

Media people have been also subject to police atrocity when the media covering the clash was severely beaten up by the police.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Politics| Sub Category : Regional|Date : November 18,2014

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