Goga Medi

Goga Medi is a religious place located about 359 kilometers from Jaipur and the most convitent way to reach there is from Hisar

This is a place where Goga Ji took samadhi. People of all religions go to the place to pray and it is popularly believed that those who go to his place with faith their prayers are heard

Goga Ji is also know as Jahar peer among muslims. The idol of Goga ji is seen in a seated posture on a horse and snake around his neck. Gogaji believed to have had his samadhi in this posture

At the entrace of the temple an inscription in persian is found which describes

Each year thousands of devotees participate in Goga Festival and most of them are from North India. Devotees never go from Gogaji's place empty-handed. Wishes of devotees have been granted by the Lord and Mostly people offer incsense and coconuts and they chant mantra and sing songs in his praise.

I have a respected friend who had speech defect when he was a child , his grandmom took him to Goga medi and she offered a prayer and when she came out of the vicinity of the temeple miraculously his speech problem vanished. There are so many such miracles that happen every day in the great place of Rajasthan

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Religion| Date : November 24,2011

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