GreenDayPay : is it scam or legit ?

GreenDayPay is a Revshare program which is on a verge of death. Cynthia Jeanine and Virginia Valeria Carter are the two admins.

No one knows who owns the Revshare. Virginia Valeria Carter FB profile is shady and there is nothing that can tell that they have legitimate public profile. It was destined to meet its end sooner or later. But I must say they could run the Revshare for 110 days. Now if it’s a scam or not you have to decide.


For now GreenDayPay is shutting down. I would say it is better than Luxshare which was launched with a scam intention.

GreenDayPay : is it scam or legit ?

By : Admin| Company Name : GreenDayPay| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : December 04,2016

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