Growing acceptance of divorce in India

If marriage is the free entry to conjugal bliss then divorce is the free exit. Interestingly we live in a world where we have turned rebellion to the noble social norms and ethos. What denotes our material progress and moral and ethical digress are our rebellion tendencies even toward the most respected institutions of the society.
Divorce rates in India are lowest in the world with about 1 out of 100 marriages culminating into divorce while Canada has 48% divorce rate. According to the recent news divorce rate is increasing day by day in India especially in the urban sphere.
Below is the divorce rate in different countries (from a published data)
• Sweden – 54.9%
• United States – 54.8%
• Russia – 43.3%
• United Kingdom – 42.6
• Germany – 39.4%
• Israel – 14.8%
• Singapore – 17.2%
• Japan – 1.9%
• Srilanka – 1.5%
• India – 1.1%
Divorce in India is seen as a social stigma while in the western countries it is perhaps considered as a passport tofreedom or free exit. In India if divorce rate is picking up these days it’s due to the increased acceptance toward multiple relationships and relations outside wedlock.  We have seen how India has changed drastically in every sphere within this decade. With our growth and development how we are loosing our moral virtues. If divorce is the only solution to a bitter marriage then the virtues of marriage can never be justified in a society where divorces take place quicker than marriages. It’s even shameful that people spend years in search of a soul mate and then with in years or even months of marriage they got estranged. There are numerous examples of such quick entry and exit in relationships, which means neither we have faith in our social virtues nor we realize that we have inherited some of priceless legacies of our culture which celebrates and worships the sacred institution of marriage.
Our distorted social norms are created by us, we in some way accept the norms which are prevalent in our present society without deeply contemplating their pros and cons. It signifies that we have no fear of violating the laws and norms of the society that are created for the welfare of humankind.
Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Social| Date : November 16,2011

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