Happiness is qualitative as it comes from within us

Happiness is qualitative as it comes from within us.  The way we look at life or look at the world around us has a lot to do with our happiness. We know what keeps us happy and what could possibly spoil the prospects of happiness. Even after knowing what makes us happy we still most of the time strive to find out ways and means that should possibly lead us to the ultimate goal “happiness”. This is our struggle for happiness and this struggle should go on. Truth is that all truly happy people in the world have struggled at some point of time just to know what could really make them happy from inside.
Law of attraction says we attract what we contemplate in mind. Contemplate a happy picture of your life and a happy picture of the world around you. Visualize the things that really can make your life enjoyable and believe in the power of your mind, just keep this in practice you will see things changing around you and you may notice that you have reached a happy state of mind. As a result of this you will have more life-force, enthusiasm within and around you. If you are truly positive, charged-up and happy you can change your surroundings. You may notice how your positive thought process is now influencing the people around you. In this process you have been changing your life with the power of your happy mind, as you are changing your life you are influencing lives of others around you in a positive way.
Happiness and sadness alternate as our emotions fluctuate. Keep a check over your emotions. Make a note of the forces that can possibly drag you towards an unhappy state of mind. Stay away or struggle. It depends upon you. Some stay away and some fight. They both have one single goal “happiness”. Staying away is the easiest route while struggling against the forces is a difficult task. Choice is yours.
To keep our mind clam and composed we have to get rid of some bad emotions like anger, sorrow, negative thinking and many more. Habits consistently practiced predominantly affect your life. We should be very conscious about what habits should we keep up and what habits we should get rid of. Eventually we become what we see, think and hear. We have to escape from what we should not see, think and hear. This is the only way we can keep up a high-spirited state of mind.
Happiness has no limits, no bounds, it springs from peace and it never ends in oblivion, the reason is we collect all our special moments of life in our memory as if we collect some beautiful photos in a photo album. As long as these tiny little things of happiness are collected life goes on beautifully. Do not give up your habit of collecting the special moments and yes commit themto memory.
Whatever we do in life is just to find happiness. Money always seems to be a powerful force in generating happiness but and it’s not entirely true. We all agree that money is undoubtedly a defining force but there are many other factors which are equally important to keep us happy.  Recognition for a special deed can make a lot of difference to someone’s life. You know you are talented in some distinct domain or you have done something outstanding in your life but as long as others do not know your talent or outstanding abilities or work, you are not recognized and as a result of this you are not happy. You know what can bring happiness. Yes recognition surely can change your state of mind and then your life.
In a dynamic environment creativity strives. Most inventions or discoveries done on the earth were borne out of our needs that keep some genius engage in their pursuit of discovery. In a way we can say our needs made an inventor’s passion high and the result is a new discovery. End result is happiness for all if that discovery makes a marking difference to the world.
Right now I am writing this article on happiness just to make me fulfill a small goal of writing an article on happiness and the completion of this article completes my goal and gives me some happiness but once the article is published, read and reviewed by readers my happiness will increase remarkably.

I realized over a period of time that happiness comes from inner calm or peace of mind. Creativity thrives through a composed mind; it’s true because a disturbed mind cannot create anything except further disturbance. By writing perhaps I express me and feel good, that’s my happiness at this juncture. Your happiness may differ from mine but the ultimate source of happiness comes only after finding the ways and means that can lead to it.
Nature of happiness and its source differ from person to person but one thing we should always remember that it is our goal. Happiness as a collective goal can only be possible when we know how to make others happy. When ignorance disappears happiness appears.
Purity of mind is happiness and innocence of heart is happiness, devotion to God is happiness, true love leads to happiness, beauty with goodness is happiness. When ignorance goes away happiness comes, when selfishness goes away inner peace comes in and leads to happiness, when ego dies pure bliss is experienced.
We constantly get impressed by good surroundings, good people and a creative environment.
Let’s chase happiness in our inner world, as we reach a happy state in our inner world we will notice how our outer world changes quickly.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi



By : | Category : Self-help| Date : January 14,2014

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