Harmful effects of mosquito repellents

With summer around the corner in India there is an increasing fear of dengu in cities like Delhi. TV is flooded with various advertisements of mosquito repellents. Dengu, malaria, chikungunya are all life threatening but do we know that these mosquito repellents advertised all over the TV are even deadly.






Years back people would use mosquito nets to get rid of the harmful effects of mosquito. Slowly the use of mosquito nets were considered inconvenient for us and we relied more on coils, mats, creams, sprays, liquid-vaporizers and electronic devices to get rid of these little monsters. Though we know a lot about mosquito repellent products do we know much about their harmful effects? Please think a little. I think most of us do not even read the manual before using the products. I have not heard of a case where someone died due to the prolonged use of a mosquito repellent. It is not strange if you hear something like that.

I am not going to scare you here but let me take you through the harmful effects of mosquito repellents and before doing that let me say it loud that mosquito repellents market is a flourishing market.

  • 1  Chemicals such as pyrethrum found in most of the mosquito repellents are deadly as they contain carcinogenic (cancer-causing) elements.
  • 2.   Smoke from burning coils is more malignant than the low smoke or no smoke mosquito repellents.
  • 3. Read the manual carefully before using any kind of mosquito repellents. It is important to know about how much to use. For example spray in high quantity can cause various allergies. And an asthma patient may succumb to asthmatic attack.
  • 4.  In high quantity repellents can cause various health hazards ranging from neurological problems to respiratory ailments.
  • 5. Mosquito nets and herbal mosquito repellents are some of the alternatives to the chemical based products.
  • 6.  When it comes to herbal based mosquito repellents effectiveness of such products are still under question.
  • 7. Like we know prevention is better than cure we should adhere to cleanliness in our surroundings. Do not let water store near your surroundings, dispose old tyres (old tyres are the favorite breeding grounds for mosquitos. Cover your doors and windows with nets.
  • 8. Electronic devices sold in the market have very less proven effectiveness so it is unwise to buy such products.


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Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Health & Science| Sub Category : Education|Date : April 07,2015

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