Haryana Drunk woman tussles with Mumbai Police

Mumbai’s Sunita Yadav, receptionist at a hotel wrote a bad story for herself when she abused the driver of the TAXI she boarded in. Her abusive behavior under the influence of alcohol took her to MIDC police station in Mumbai.

The 25 year lady also abused the passers by. When she was taken to the police station, she created another scene by saying oye I am from Haryana to lady police personnel.

Mumbai police were liberal to put softer charges against her. She was made to issue an apology under section 110 and 112 and fined 1200 Inr.

Drinking, abusing the driver and passers by landed her in the police station but due to a lady she was treated softly. Had a male, 25 abused the same way after drinking he would have labeled and treated with more stringent sections. When men and women are equal punishment to a crime should be treated in the same way.

A cop video graphed the entire drink drama episode and released on social media, below is the entire drama. 


By : | Category : Crime| Sub Category : National|Date : September 22,2015

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