Haryana sisters thrash 3 eve teasers

A coward dies many deaths while a warrior fights for his dignity, dignity of his fellowmen and for the dignity of the country where he lives.
It is a story of two warrior girls who decided to fight for their dignity. The incident took place in a haryana roadways bus where two sisters, pooja and Arti kumar, 22 were boarded from Rohtak. They were all set for a short journey from Rohtak to Sonipat. The girls encountered lewd remarks and obscene gestures by three men from the Jat community. Initially they silently endured but when the boys started to pass remarks to a pregnant lady traveling in the same bus they decided to teach them a lesson.
The brave girls started to defend the  molesters in an offensive way by beating the molesters with a belt but soon they were being over-powered, their mobiles taken away and they were thrown out of the bus which caused minor injury to the girls. Then the pregnant woman got down the bus in the next stoppage. She took the two girls to sadar bazar police station to lodge an FIR. Police came in action immediately and the three molesters were arrested on Sunday evening.
This incident could have been entirely stopped from happening if the co-passengers traveling in the bus objected the molesters. This incident could have been stopped if the women helpline number was responded towards the urgency of the matter.
Haryana Govt has decided to give bravery award to the girls who fought against the molesters to protect their dignity. Govt has ordered the transport department as well as police department to ensure safety of women passengers traveling in Haryana roadways buses.

By Dipti Prasad padhi

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