Hashimpura massacre

In Hashimpura massacre case 16 UP cops were acquitted. The court gave benefit of doubts to the accused Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) personnel. Hashimpura riot took place in 1987 in which it was suspected that 40 Muslim men were picked from Hashimpura mohalla in Meerut and were killed by the 19 PAC cops. On the basis of cases filed against the 19 cops the case went on in Ghaziabad court till 2002 later it was handed over to Delhi court. Finally the judgment came in the form of acquittal of the 16 out of the 19 cops. 3 cops died during the trial’s proceeding.

Hashimpura case came under limelight once again when the judgment was announced by Delhi Court. Victims and survivors of the 40 people who were massacred were hugely disappointed by the court’s judgment and their prosecutors will challenge the case in the Supreme Court.

18 rifles that were used during the shootout were redistributed among the Jawans of 41-B Vahini Battalion of the PAC, upon hearing this Additional Sessions Judge N P Kaushik was shocked. Accused also belonged to the same battalion.

Now the question is who gave an order to redistribute the rifles and further it points a finger towards a conspiracy. Some legal experts believe that it is either a cold-blooded move to destroy evidence or an act of foolish ignorance.

By Dipti Prasad


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