Hempcoin ( THC), hardfork, masternode scam?

Is this a scam? May be,Yes they have a team of people who have less focused and unfriendly towards the investors. 

Below are the key people in THC

Tim Renzetti Founder & CEO Matthew Shreve Marketing Director Ricky Esneault Public Relations Zachary Dokuchic Community Outreach Manager Romont Johnson Business Development Jonathon Jones Dispensary Liaison 3 Anonymous Developers Coders.

Hemp coin, THC is launched in 2014 but till the end of 2017 they have absolutely no growth and action. 3 years they have no development, no action and absolutely no performance which is expected from a crypto coin launched way back.

During the end of 2017 it pumped thousand times with its twitter news and a vague roadmap. But the All time high that it created never lasted for even few days and the key people in THC camp were able to get maximum money by dumping it which was followed by occasional pumps just keep them in limelight.

They hired a crazy guy named Zachary Dokuchic as Community Outreach Manager who is not at all friendly towards the investors. He and his team declared hardfork of THC coin first in January 2018 and then they cancelled, later they against declared Feb 23 2018 as the hardfork date well in advance and again they failed to make it happen.

If you visit their official twitter you would know their false announcements just to attract investors to buy their coins so that they can dump again to encash more from market.
My feedback about them is negative as they lie more often. They have no value of their commitment, neither respect for investors, their community outreach manager bans everyone from its telegram groups who asks why they postponed the hard fork again and again. 
They have earned no respect in their own community as no actual work is taking place except deceit and lie.  In the attached images they had announced hardfork twice, once in January and the 2nd time in Feb 2018 and they postponed twice giving vauge explanation.


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