Hindus who eat beef

Lynching of a Muslim man named Mohammed Akhlaq in Dadri triggered wide spread debate about beef eating, ill consequences as a result, punishment etc but no one talked about punishment for the mob of 100 or more people consisting of teenagers. Was it a deliberate effort of political parties ahead of panchayat elections?

The incident which happened a few days ago was surely heinous but what is more heinous is justifying that it was right. This lynching incident triggered criticisms from all corners, BJP blaming SP and SP reacting with their reasons and counter attack but amid all this what is really happening in the country is its image is getting maligned.

Why cows should be banned from slaughter and why not buffaloes, bulls, goats and birds? The incident in Dadri was triggered when a temple priest said Akhlaq may be responsible for cow slaughter and beef eating out of pressure from few youths. How a mob of 100 people gathered, what motivated them, who was their leader, was there any political party acted from behind the background, No one questioned.

Cow slaughter and beef eating suddenly became national issues but what about Hindus who eat beef? What about the dalits and lower caste Hindus who resort to beef eating? What about several other upper caste Hindus who eat beef?

I was discussing the issue with one of my friend when he told about how his friends who are upper caste Hindus eat beef for change in taste. I was really surprised. He along with his friends went to a Gurgaon restaurant to taste new delicacies, he had no idea that his Hindu friends have come with a masterplan to taste beef at the restaurant.

I agree that as Hindus are brought up seeing cows being worshipped but does that mean forcing other religions to worship cows? Lynching someone on the basis of a doubt that he or his family might be eating beef sounds cowardice, heinous and cruel.


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