Homeopathy medicines for Back Ache

Homeopathy medicines for Back-Ache

Back-ache is mostly an ailment caused due life-style shift, stress and bad sitting postures.


As homeopathy is remedy-based, medicines for back-ache are different as per symptoms. The patient who often has backache in bed, he has to sit-up to turn over, turning and twisting of body causes pain and further aggravates when standing. Pain is located in Lumbar region and related to hemorrhoids (Nux-V.) or Nux-vomica. Dosages depend upon the severity of pain and history of the ailment.


When the pain is felt severely in the sacro-lumbar region, even slightest movement causes sweat and sensation of nausea. Patient feels heaviness at coccyx which goes further down. Administer (Ant-t) or Antimonium Tartaricum as per suitable potency.


When the Back-ache is severe and is accompanied by aching in legs, Variolinum in appropriate potency will be effective.


There are cases when the patients feel severe pain in the back, slight touch becomes further unbearable and the pain goes upwards and extends to head. Tellurium is the best homeopathic remedy in this case.


Backache due to over-exertion, physical labour, stress- Arnica given in every 3-4 hours has cured.


When urine scanty Terebinthina with appropriate potency.


Kali-Carbonicum should be administered when pregnant women have weakness sensation in the back.


Patient with piles and back-ache together - Aesculus Hippocastanum ( Aesc.) would be effective.


Cimicifuga racemosa is effective when the pain is in Lumbar or sacral region and extends downwards to thighs and hips. Spine remains very sensitive with stiffness in the neck. Pain will be rheumatic in nature mainly in back and neck region. Cimicifuga racemose is also effective when the ache is severe and caused due to uterine issues.


Phosphorus is another very good remedy when the patient feels burning sensation in the back. Any backache with sensation of burning and heat in the back should be treated with the mentioned remedy.


Aesculus Hippocastanum ( Aesc.) is an effective remedy for patients unable to rise or walk due to backache. Backache especially originates from the sacrum and goes down to hips, dull back-ache, makes the ability to walk or move difficult. Pain centers in the lower back, pelvic region.


Backache caused by some old hurt in the back. Mostly the patient will have a painful back, while standing the pain further increases. Rhus-Tox is an effective homeopathic medicine, if necessary Calc-carb should follow.


Gnaphalium is one of the best remedies for chronic back-ache. Resting on the back gives a little relief and the backache gets worse from day-to day movement or motion.


Back-pain during menstruation: Effective for patients with delayed first menstruation. Menses late in occurrence and scanty in flow. Flow of menstrual blood stops and flows again. Nausea, diarrhoea during and after menses, pulsatilla works well .


Rhus-Tox works well for patients who are vulnerable to back-pain. Pain not only in back, it may stay anywhere in the body. Mostly back-pain becomes severe after bath. Patient feels relived after warm application in painful area. Waking up in the morning becomes difficult with body stiffness, Makes the patient restless. Rhus-Tox 200 and above will be effective.


Stiffness of spine and tightness in back muscles accompanied by violent pain, burning pains. Patients feel worse pain while stooping, pain make the patient creep and crawl. Agaricus Muscarius should work.


Any back-pain due to weight lifing, lifting weight in excess. Rhus-Tox will be effective.

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