Honey Singh clashed with Badshah & Raftar

Honey Singh has recently made headlines once again for wrong reasons. He has confessed about his drug addiction and how he came out of it. Hopefully it seems he has come out of his drug addiction but what about his intimidating remarks about DJ wale Babu Badshah. Honey Singh compared him to Rolls Royce while He labeled Nano to Badshah.




Raftar who is Badshah’s close friend reacted saying he has become insecure, tagged him as “insecure girl”. When asked about Raftar’s comment Honey Singh said he does not even know who Rafter is. Did he forget that he had collaborated several times with Rafter in the past?



Honey Singh has also said that his voice is like sex. His voice fits to all dance numbers for sure but comparing it with sex seems weird as if he wanted to sensationalize his statement.

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