Hosni Mubarak’s exit raises global sentiments

Tahrir square witnessed loads joy, triumphant songs of freedom, cheer, fireworks, gunshots in the air and millions of happy faces smelling the fragrance of democratic air. Mubarak handed over the power to military after 18 days of democratic cry and rebellious demonstrations. It all started on jan 25 as the beginning of the end of mubarak regime, hundreds of thousands of people marched the cities raising the flags of democracy and a decisive action took place on 12th of feb 2011 when mubarak was forced to quit, millions of people besieged his palace in cairo and alexandria and their demand for hosni mubarak’s exit came true.
Egypt has been liberated after long years of repression, yes it may seem like a dream but its true in a country of 18million people most of whom haven been unemployed and most of those who did dare to make their country free from the dictatorial rule of Mubarak are the real heroes.
This is a very positive news for the world market, when on Friday the news of Mubarak’s exit was declared almost all major markets witnessed a sharp rise. Indian stock market after a week long continuous bear rally suddenly rose upward to close in green
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 09,2011

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