How as a girl I lost my self-respect from teenage years

This is a story of me who was raised in a middle class family; I know how difficult it was for my father to meet all the family expenses. I have two younger sisters too. My mother is a housewife. My father worked as a Taxi Driver since the time I knew what he does to feed us and meet our expenses.

Sometimes I curse myself thinking that what really made me born in such a poor family. We were put up in rented accommodation. It was just a room and a kitchen and two common bathrooms and toilets for 6 or 7 families in that vicinity.

As I grew up and became 14 dirty eyes started to gaze me, I was often got stalked by strangers. Luckily I was put up in a government girl’s high school but even there too some of the male teachers would not leave a chance to touch me here and there.

 It was really sad for me; being a girl I had all that sort of harassment from the society, even my own relatives did not spare me. One day my own cousin came to stay with us in our one room accommodation. He was elder to me by more than 10 years.  I thought I have no brother but my cousin has come to us like our elder brother. For a few days everything went good, he behaved like a big brother but one night when I was sleeping he just came near me started touching me, and when I woke up he went outside.

My story of molestation went on for almost every night. I objected but I was little scared how to say all that to my dad who often would come home late and most of the time he used to stay outstation. My mom was very strict and she would work at a ration store during day time. I had to take care of my other two sisters at home.

One night my cousin almost raped me, I slapped him on his face and gathered courage this time and told everything to my mother. My mother told my cousin to get out of my house and I really had a sigh of relief.

I completed my graduation with lot of struggle and badly looking for a job because I wanted my mother to take rest at home as she would often get ill and weak but she was compelled to work outside for a small amount of money just to support us.

Sometimes I thought I should end my life as my parents feel burdened due to my education and they are worried about my marriage as they don’t have money for dowry. We are from a small village in Bihar, India and we migrated to a city as my father had no property or work there.

I realized one thing that GOD has never been kind to us, Poverty and helplessness made us weaker in the society where we lived. Often I felt victimized when the bullies from the street used to make nasty comments at me and they would try to call me by different words, one day while I was from my college few students on a bike started to follow me, I ignored them, but one from them touched my back and they ran away.

I had no courage to go to the police and complain thinking that they may ask me so many questions just to entertain them.

Like I said I was looking for a job badly and got a job in a call center of Airtel DSA. They said you will be hired on commission basis. There was no salary as I was like an outsourced employee. In the first month I worked hard and made 5k Rupees by fulfilling the target.

I was happy that I could at least made that small money with my efforts, Calling continuously for 8 to 10 hours was a tiresome job but I had no other option. For few months I could fulfil my target. Then I got noticed by my manager, he called me and said nice words, he gave a lot of appreciation and told me that he will help me in getting my job as permanent and I will get a salary of 15k and a lot of support from him personally.

He was a man in his mid-30s. For a few days he behaved with me in such a way that I felt he is a nice man, I really felt a crush towards him; it was not his look but due to his good nature. I never ever met such a nice man in my life. One day he took all of our callers to a restaurant and threw a party, he appreciated all our efforts he said we should work hard and he will help us in getting permanent roles with the company.

I was deeply impressed. Few days passed by my manager asked me to accompany me to a company where we can get lot of postpaid connections. It was a faraway place. He said we need to meet the boss of the company and convince them so that he would give a thousand plus connections to us. He said when we win this deal he will put half of the credit in my name and recommend my name for promotion and a permanent role. I was too happy. It was too late by that time we reached that company. We reached there at 9 Pm. I asked my boss how would I go home from there, he said he will drop me and not to worry about. I called my mother that I would be late due to office work.

When we reached the office we were greeted by a taller, fat, dark man who looked like a very senior officer in the company.  He invited us to the office cafeteria. I saw that there was not a single employee except a security guard at the downstairs. In the cafeteria he had dinner for us. I really did not have those tempting food at the table. He must have ordered from a restaurant. Over the dinner table my boss talked about business with him, we all had dinner and the black men asked us to come to his cabin after that.

We went to his cabin. My boss discussed few more casual things with her. I was really feeling sleepy and it was 11 o clock, even I was anxious about going home. That black man went out of his cabin saying pardon to us. He came with 3 cups of coffee from the cafeteria. He offered me the first cup of coffee and then to my boss.

 I was drinking the coffee and after few mins I completely felt unconscious, I was in deep sleep. When I wake up I found myself in a separate room in the office, it seemed like a sick room. I looked at my watch and it was 1 o clock and looked at myself I was completely naked. I sensed a deep pain and in great hurry I looked for my cloths, I put on my cloths and came out of the room, I saw my boss and that black man were drinking alcohol. They smiled at me, my boss asked me to come near to him, he pulled me to his lap and told me to sit on his lap. Then he opened his mobile and showed me a clip, they captured me nude, he said now you are all ours, I was so scared and heart broken by this, I told that I trusted you like anything and why you did that to me. He said it was all a trap dear. Don’t worry we have not touched you, now we know that you come to us whenever required.

What happened afterwards is a story of my sexual exploitation for several months. I lost my self, all my self-respect but every dog has a day, I took my revenge.


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