How is Motilal Oswal as a broker?

Motilal Oswal is a stock broker and it’s a listed in company in NSE and BSE.

As a broker its brokerage charges are higher than others like Zerodha and Share Khan and some others.

If you are a novice trader in stock market, it’s advisable not to blindly trust on calls given by brokerage houses like Motilal Oswal.

Mostly these brokerage houses are operators and they manipulate stocks for their profit. They have no concern about if you are losing money or making money.

So If you have a trading account with Motilal Oswal please do not trust their technical calls that say buy or sell a particular stock, it may be possible that you may make money in short run but in long run you will always lose.

You can take an idea ontheir technical picks and do your own research before putting your hard-earned money in stock trading which is not less than gambling.

Operators like Motilal oswal or Zerodha or any other are profit making companies, they always manipulate the stock price to maximize their profit, so be aware of these fraudsters. 

Below is a blog which tells about a scam where Motilal Oswal is involved.


Note : Stock market is always risky. Above 90% of retail investors always lose in stock trading. Do Your research before investing in any stock.

Written By Trade Analyst Mukesh Rawat

Category : Business and Economy| Date : October 01,2019

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