How my office colleague contacted STI from a debauched lifestyle?

 This is indeed a very shocking as well as a dreadful real story of an office colleague who was diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection. Though it was not HIV still it is a threat to his health as well as health of her wife.

I did not find him in the office from a few days; hence I called him up to know if everything is well. He picked up the phone and asked me for help. Being a good friend I told him that I will help him. He then revealed his diseases as well as how he was dragged into sexual excess with multiple partners from both genders.

It was during the time when he came and joined our company. That time her wife was with his parents in their home town and he would visit then once in 3 months and even sometimes 6 months. He confessed that he was newly married and his sexual urges were high. Being away from his family made him a little emotional; to mitigate his loneliness he started searching for companions on web. In no time he got a secret group of sexually active people. He befriended a man who introduced him to her female sex partners.

There on he was indulged with multiple partners. He did not know how he and his male friend became sexual partners. They were both alone and away from home and started staying in the same apartment. As per him he had unsafe sexual activities a few times with a few partners and one of them might be infected.

After knowing all that I had only one thing in mind. Why you did all that? Why you did not restraint? Did not you have love for your life? 

It is a big message for those who live in sexual excess as well practice unsafe sex.


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