How stalking may turn dangerous?

The recent case of Dipti Sarna’s abduction by prime accused Devendra Kumar and his accomplice Mohit tells a story about how one can be stalked by unknown people. Stalking is of two types : one is virtual that happens most of the time on social media where someone visits your profile most often and follows you on everything you post on social media while the stalking where someone physically tracks all your movement is more alarming, it is really unpredictable to know about such an obsessive lover’s intention as well as action.










In a busy city we mean hard work, most of the time you may not be having a company cab given to you for your pick and drop, the only way left is to become dependent upon public transport. When you are commuting through public transport you may find several people crossing you, eye-contacting you as well as surrounding you. Can you guess who is harmless and who is harmful? It is a tough bet, right?





In such uncertainties when you get stalked by an unknown person what would you do? Should you remain silent? Or should you discuss the matter with friends and family. The best way is not to ignore the stalker rather reporting against him at the nearest police station.

Devendra Kumar who left Dipti Sarna without doing any physical or sexual assault is just a lucky thing for Dipti but what if  he would do some serious harm. Dipti Sarna, employee of Snapdeal came home safely but had she been reported such a thing earlier she would not have been through the abduction.

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