How to attract good luck in life?

As we know that lucky people are only 1 to 2% in our world as they command all the wealth and resources. But do you think only wealth can make a person lucky? It may not be the case. Overall satisfaction in life can make one lucky.

You may not be having a very expensive home, but you have a home – You are satisfied in your home. You give gratitude for the same, you give gratitude as you know that there are millions of homeless people in the world.
You may not have a very expensive car, but you have a budget vehicle which helps you commute places. You are sure lucky.
You have a loving family and you feel happy among your friends ---- you are lucky and no doubt about that.
You have mediocre wealth but still you are generous – you help others whatever you can. You are blessed.
You take time out of busy schedule and pray to God and shows love and gratitude towards him, you are surely lucky.
You are an enlightened soul. 
You will have a peaceful end. By the time you must have completely realized the true higher spiritual pursuits of life. 
On the contrary to this 
One has all the wealth but still wants more, greed takes over his/her mind, body soul – Surely unlucky
One has all the wealth but never generous – unlucky
One has all the power, command and everything: Used this to exploit others- Unluck
One who treats others badly and takes their curses: unlucky
One who engages in all lustful deeds for his carnal gratification: Unlucky
You are ignorant soul.
You will live life as if it never ends but the chapters of your life will end in such a way that you will not have even time to regret. Even in your last moments you will be unhappy as you are leaving your wealth behind.

Reference taken from Veda’s and its Vedic philosophy 

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi (



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