How to be healthy without going to a gym?

Most of us live a stressful life based on a sedentary lifestyle. You may be a busy business man or woman or may be into a Job that demands most of your time. If you are a workaholic and having no health regimen into your life than the time has come to put some effort to get yourself ready for some action.

Stress weakens us from our core while a sedentary lifestyle is the root of all evil. How to overcome stress and turn your sedentary lifestyle into a life full of health, energy and optimism? Simple answer is to put you into some form of exercise. But you don’t have time to hit a gym? Right? If this is the case don’t feel that going to a gym is the only solution to fitness. Even without going to a gym you can stay healthy and fit. Follow the simple steps,

Consumption of sufficient amount of water has a proven effect in ensuring better health and life force.

Never skip breakfast, early morning breakfast especially a protein rich diet helps in proving all the energy to kick-start the day.

No smoking and moderate drinking:  Smoking has no proven health benefit rather it kills millions of people while dinking in moderation has proven to be beneficial for health.

Take stairs instead of your office or apartment alleviator:  Take stairs to test your energy and patience. You may keep it as an agenda to good health.

Nothing is better than a walk: walking, jogging, sprinting are the best form of fitness regimen.



By : Admin| Category : Health & Science| Date : October 11,2015

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