How to Effectively Organize Your Home

 There is just something about putting all of your Christmas decor away that creates the urge to purge, ultimately leading to a freshly organized home for the New Year. It seems simple enough, but it might take only a few minutes into the project for you to realize that organizing your home is a bigger task than you thought it would be. Here are a few suggestions as to how you can organize your home and stay organized all year long.

Do not hide the clutter

Obviously the first task of organizing your home is to get rid of all the clutter. Everyone has clutter that they can spare, no matter how clean of a person you might be. And you might not even be able to see it, but it definitely exists, and definitely needs to go. According to the Huffington Post, one of the easiest ways to fool ourselves into thinking we are organized is by hiding the unnecessary clutter in organizational bins or baskets. It is only when all the storage boxes, bins and baskets are full that we realize we didn't get rid of the clutter, rather we just pushed it aside so we didn't have to deal with it.Before any organization can occur, it is vital that clutter is removed completely from your home.

Pair similar items

Another important part of organization is keeping similar items together so they are easy to find, especially if it is important paperwork or other materials that might need to be accessed on the fly.So start the organization process in rooms that contain these items such as the office or bedroom.Keep manuals, cords and other items that are not used every day, but are important in a file folder or drawer that can be easily found, and get rid of excess cords that you do not need so when the time comes that you need such items you do not have to sort through them to find the correct one.


Tricky organizing techniques


Do not feel that you have to get rid of everything you do not use on a daily basis.Of course there are items that you only use every so often that you want to keep, but might not know where to store them. For instance, if you are a purse collector, store the purses you aren't using inside of each other to create more closet space as well as make it easier for you to manage all of the purses and switch from one to another without causing a mess.

 How to stay organized

 Once your home is completely organized, do not let it fall victim to the first wave of mess that comes along.There are simple tasks you can complete daily that will help you keep your home organized and easy to clean such as cleaning out your purse every day, purchasing drawer organizers, and throwing away unnecessary items to keep clutter from reappearing.

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