How to get rid of an ex who still follows you?

With the advent of social media sites and Apps including Dating Apps it has become easy to find someone for a casual date or a serious relationship.


What happens when you ex who broke up recently still follows you up on social media sites, likes everything you update on your wall posts, does not that mean your ex who broke up with you for any reason is still interested in you and May be looking to come back to you or want to keep up a causal relationship?


Should you block him on social media? Or should you fall prey to his/her mind games? Ifyou don’t block him/her you still ok with his ghosting activities? You may still be ok  with you being stalked by your ex.


If you have moved on in your life and found someone then allowing your ex may put you in potential risks including another break-up. If you are a two timer and you know how to play around with two lovers then you may think you have two opportunities, if one fails then the other will surely work.


But what if both of them come to know about this?



By : Admin| Category : Relationship| Date : April 18,2016

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