How to make money from Blogging

How to make money from Blogging

Blogging has turned into a business and the web is flooded with blogs on how to make money blogging. You may find millions of blogs on internet about how to make money from blogging. They may show you the top blog sites earning in millions and ask you to buy their hidden SEO techniques either a CD or a book. Have you even bought such a book and CD? If yes please comment did you really get benefit from the book you bought from the websites.

Search engine optimization is nothing but to play with the search engine’s algorithms. More you play ethically as per Google standards more you become successful while more you try to outsmart Google more you rank low. So be careful.

Blog writing is an art and earning from blogging is super skill. I have been a blogger from years and to be honest I have got google ad sense ads running from years but still I am unable to earn from blogging as my site lacks blog traffic. Thousand plus articles but so less traffic. It sucks but hey I am really optimistic about what can really make me successful and I knew the secrets of earning from blogging. I do not want to keep this with me rather let me share the secrets,

1.      Blog on a subject you know better and even if you know better you should still research a little towards the depth of the subject before you even start writing

2.      Your content should be yours as you cannot be someone else, moral of the story is do not copy.

3.      Choose the right keywords in your blog and do not try to stuff your blog with keywords. I know you know what I mean. It means do not repeat the keywords in your blog repetitively.

4.      If you have got google adsense pub Id you are lucky as you have a got a key to the locker having money but wait this locker does not open with your key. I mean you take your key to the banker and of the banker find you genuine then only it hands over the exact key to unlock the money box. I hope you knew what I mean.

5.      Do not even think of any such idea, method or plan to get clicks on you site’s google ads with fraudulent methods, you will get banned soon. Honesty is the best policy.

6.      Target few keywords while design and develop rich content for your blog.

7.      Meta description, title and keyword boxes should be filled with relevant keyowords in order have you blog targeted to your readers.


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Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Educational| Sub Category : Webmaster and SEO blogs|Date : June 17,2015

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