How to take legal recourse against ADCN, Asia digi coin scammers?

Today one guy or girl I don’t know, name is Arumoy Mitra contacted me just to confirm if he/she gets her money back from ADCN frauds, Asiadigicoin scammers Amit Jaiswal, Abhishek Bhandari,Abhishek Srivastava, Kartike Kanwar and their key associates such as Ritika, Antakshari and Sahil Behal.

Arumoy Mitra lost $300 to $350 from ADCN, Asia digocoin scam, It happened when BTC was 700-750 dollars and think about this poor chap who could be having at least 2 BTC now if he kept that investment as it is. This is not a story of this Arumoy Mitra but this is a story of so many of us including me. People who have invested please don’t keep mum rather go and file FIR against these scammers.

India has earned a lot of bad reputation in crypto due To ADCN and ATC coin where a lot of people lost money.

To file a case against them please write mails to the below mail ID’s, if you join together we can get back our money and these scammers will be punished.

These two are mail Id’s of delhi police,


Please ADCN investors if you want to see the scammers behind the bar then please write a complaint to the above mentioned ID’s.,-asiadigicoin-scam_complaint264.html

By : Admin| Company Name : ADCN, Asia digi coin| Title : Revshare-Hype-Internet marketing|Date : November 05,2017

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