How we can make this world a better place with the help of Satsang

A smile for a smile can bring happiness around us. How many of us in India greet strangers unlike the western countries. Here if someone greets the other, the person who gets greeted may take it otherwise thinking that the other may want some benefits. Though this is not 100% true, change in our thought processes are important in order to bring change around us.

We as a progressive country should focus more on improving the quality of life around us. A rich man living around thousands of poor people may have greater risk than a rich man living around thousands of rich people.

Satsangs (congregation of spiritual people) were a vital part of vedic culture, Even today satsangs are in place but mostly these are addressed by some gurus and thousands of listeners. Mostly the Gurus who hold satsangs later get exposed as frauds. Several Gurus who have been exposed recently are famous Asaram, his son Narayan Sai, Haryana’s Sant Rampal, Orissa’s sarathi Baba, Nityanand Swami from Tamil Nadu and most recent case of Radhe ma.

Satsangs are always good but blindly following Gurus and treating them as demigods are nothing but invitation to trouble, the trouble here is not about few people who may experience rather the trouble is about creating powerful people for the country who can influence the country as per their wish. If a good Sadhu influences a country, we will see positive changes in the society, what if the sadhu is not a sadhu but a devil in Sadhu’s disguise.

Satsangs are good if we hold them at our own home and among our own family members, practicing satsangs at home at some point of time may remove the need to go for a satsang invitation in your vicinity, there is no dearth of spiritual texts, It does not matter which religion you belong to, if you are interested in Satsangs you can go for them. In Satsangs you can read, discuss and interpret any religious text, If you are a hindu and if you want to read Bible, no one will stop you, If you a muslim and discuss Bhagvad Gita you are most welcome, likewise If you are a Christian and discuss Quaran no one would stop you. India as a secular country has people from all religions; if we really want to see a progressed country economically as well as spiritually we should have satsangs among ourselves where we should be open about discussing about all religious texts and understanding the importance of the sacred verses in these texts.

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi


By : | Category : Religion| Date : December 31,2015

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