How we escaped from bullies who wanted to hit us, our road rage story

You may have heard news about road rage cases which turn violent with in no time and the result is violence and bloodshed.

Have you ever experience that in your life? I have recently experienced when driving my car from Delhi to Agra. It was a short road trip with my friends and we all planned to cover the journey after 10 Pm. The reason was to beat the city traffic and reach our destination safely.

Delhi to Agra by road takes not more than 3 and half hour and earlier when Yamuna express way was not there it was little hectic to travel but due to the six lane Yamuna express the journey time is squeezed from 210 Km to 165 Km.

Coming back to what unexpected happened on the way will be memorable to all 3 of us.  I filled fuel at a fuel pump before I drive up to the Yamuna express, we just filled our car and I turned it towards the right when a black Mahindra Scorpio came bumping on us from the front,  The person who was driving applied sudden brakes and luckily the car stopped an few inches from our car.

That driver with anger came out from the car and started scolding us with loud tone and his friends also came from the car and started misbehaving with us. It seemed they were drunk and locals of the place, their language was more like locals of Greater Noida. We did not want to mess with them and spoil our mood, hence we tried to convince then that it was not our mistake rather it was their mistake. One from them got louder and said lets teach a lesson to us, he went to the car and pulled out sticks to beat us, we got little scared, as it was all happening just in front of the petrol pump, few people came to interrupt and one among was someone from the petrol pump, that guy who came from his filling station office cabin seemed to be a local, he started talking the them in local language, he warned them to move off or else the consequences will be bad, We so in no time they all got calm and sat in the vehicle and moved off the place. We were lucky and escaped.

We thanked that fuel station owners, he said its ok. He also told these guys are locals of the place, they don’t have anything to do, and they are rich because of the development in their vicinity and they are landlords, during day time they do property dealing just to pass time, being very rich they have good connections and they were bullies.

I wonder what would have happened if I was alone or with some female member of my family and there was no one to help.

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