Hrithik Roshan horoscope

He is born in Scorpio ascendant with rahu and sun in 2nd house. Jupiter, Mercury and Venus are placed in 3rd house. 4th and 5th houses are empty, Mars is placed in 5th house. 7th house has ketu and Saturn. 8th house has moon.

If we read the chart from the point of view of an actor and performer, I would say the placement of Mercury and Venus in 3rd house clearly showed artistic talent. This combination is found in horoscopes of profound actors who can just play difficult role play with ease. Venus mercury combination is found in horoscope of Amitabh Bachchan too but in 8th house.

3rd house in case of Hrithik Roshan is very strong and Jupiter placed with Venus mercury made him one of the best performers in hindi cinema. He is a dancing star, action star as well as he plays difficult roles where emotions are to be weaved strongly.

 Placement of rahu and sun in 2nd house caused problem of stammering and speech difficulty in his childhood and also 2nd being 8th from 7th it also created separation from spouse. I have just put down some of the elementary findings without going more into details.

His lagna lord mars in strongly placed in the 6th house which made him very successful in is career while it also gave some litigation and health issues.
Placement of Saturn and Ketu is not a good sign of successful married life.
This horoscope is analyzed solely for educational purpose.

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