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Truth sounds very harsh and very few people face truth with courage. A person who accept truth and faces it are the brave and truthful ones orlese in a fast moving world truth is something that always sounds bitter to the ear.

Hrithik-Sussanne Divorce news has been in and out of the box since 2010 when their marital disharmony came to public notice through media, gossip and rumors. A long 17 years relationship is now going to die, even hearing this sounds bad for the millions of fans who love Hrithik. Reasons are based on rumors. Some say it is Hritiks closeness towards her co-stars while some say its Sussanne who is becoming more closer to their family friend Arjun Rampal. May be one of these reasons or a mix of several reasons are the cause of the separation though they have still not legally separated yet. Elders, mentors, friends have come forward to save their relationship by guiding them, latest news was Salman khan months back advised the couple ontheir decision to part ways.

Relationships are always precious and they become stronger when nurtured with love, trust and constant care and it goes weaker when one of these elements is missing.
Hrithik will give an alimony amount of 100 cr to sussane if they get divorced.

I raised 2 horary questions
1.    Will they Re-unite after divorce?
2.    Is it just a public stunt?
My ANSWER: No and No, hence they should try to save the marriage.

Written By Dipti Prasad padhi
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