HTC Phones do not purchase campaign in New Delhi India

HTC Phones do not purchase campaign in New Delhi India

HTC is losing ground in Delhi Market from a couple of years. If I say Delhi I guess other Indian markets have the same scenario for HTC mobiles.

To make situation worse for HTC mobiles now the mobile shops in Delhi Market have printed advertisements against HTC Mobiles. In the advertisement it is clearly mentioned about the non-availability of spare parts and poor after sales support.

In the recent years we have seen how the market dynamics have radically changed when mobile phone suppliers have easy access to sell their products online. And online sites never publish such information that a particular phone brand has poor after sale support.

The posters about HTC smartphones issues have highlighted a bigger issue for the manufacturer of HTC product and smart phones.

As per the distributors of HTC mobile phones HTC is reluctant to provide customer support and in this case it becomes very difficult to provide spare parts to customers. As per a survey 54% online sellers deny warranty at least once.

By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Sub Category : Indian Business News|Date : June 19,2015

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