Hudhud cyclone hits India’s Eastern Seacoast

 Cyclone Hudhud hit Indian Eastern seaboard today with wind speed of 195 kilometers an hour uprooting trees, damaging buildings and killing 3 people as reported.

About 150000 people were evacuated on Saturday at Visakhapatnam which in turn minimized the risk of life from the monstrous cyclonic storm. Similar to its intensity phailin hit the eastern belt just a year back.

Hudhud made severe destruction in Visakhapatnam as the storm passed through the it at about 11 o clock today. Vizag which has a population of 2 million people has hammered today as the cyclone caused landfall.

Telecommunications are disrupted due to the severe cyclone. Special commissioner of disaster management of Andhra Pradesh state told that even control rooms are not operating properly due to the destruction it caused to telecommunications. There is a state of panic all round Visakhapatnam.

After a lull the storm may come back in may be more strength as the eye of the cyclone passed by, the reverse wind with damaging strength may stay for several hours. As per the IMD forecast a storm surge of 1 to 2 meters above high tide may cause flood at the nearest areas to the coast.

As a result of this terrifying storm the airline and train services were suspended, Vizag port suspended operations and some 17 ships that were in the harbor were moved to off-shore to find safe heaven. Hudhud is categories as a severe cyclonic storm with wind speed of 195km/hour and can cause 10 inches of rain.

The storm was so severe that it was deafening, violent and scary.

The evacuation effort was prompt and well-prepared alike the phailin where millions of people were successfully evacuated with minimum death toll of 53. About 15 years back when a huge storm hit eastern belt the death toll was recorded 10,000.

Hudhud like to hit a stretch of 200-300 Km of coastline before losing its strength. The land fall process could take up to 10 to 12 hours. It is expected that Hudhud will slow down after Sunday and the wind speed will come down at a rate of 60 Km/Hr. By Dipti Prasad Padhi

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