Hugh Hefner Horoscope by Date of Birth | Horoscope of Hugh Hefner Entrepreneur, Businessman

Hugh Hefner, the man who revolutionize a taboo thing into something that impacted society in the form of his playboy magazine.

Hefner was a true entrepreneur who started his business with $600 and later succeeded in becoming a media mogul. Along with playboy magazine he had so many other business lines like modelling agency, record company, theaters, casinos. Hey, all his business ventures are more over themes of luxury.

So, while casting his horoscope and analyzing we shall keep in mind that he was man influenced by Venus and mercury.

His Ascendant is influenced by Sun, mercury and Jupiter. So he was more of a man influenced by a highly independent Sun while Mercury and Jupiter both are King-makers ( Raja-sika planets), I mean the planet responsible to create structure around an independent entrepreneur.

7th house has Sun and Mercury which gave him an ability to run his own enterprise by taking risk and implementing structure. 7th lord Jupiter is debilitated with exalted mars (an independent planet which make one does things aggressively, mars being a leader). So, the debility of 7th lord was offset by an exalted planet.


So, he was an entrepreneur by heart and had the ability to run business of his own.
Mercury in 7th with the 12th lord in D-1 while Saturn, Mars and Venus influencing the 7th house of D-9 caused him having a playboy image all his life. He himself confessed that he has made love with at least thousand women.

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