I donít know how I entered into the profession of Prostitution

Profession of prostitution is age-old; a strong taboo is attached to this profession worldwide, even in countries where prostitution is legalized.

Society condemns it but still everything happens behind secret doors, there are examples of people condemning it but in reality they had slept with prostitutes at certain point of time. The problem why prostitution is a billion dollar industry is because of its demand by the pleasure seekers. No one even take the word prostitute as it sounds bad. In the name of escort services prostitution is rampant. In red-light areas prostitutes sell their bodies even for 200-300 Rupees while the escort services sell the ladies for 10k, 20k, even the amount goes up as per demand. Escort services all across the country have their well-off clients who don’t mind paying for the services they buy and humans (call-girls, prostitutes or escorts) are the commodities for sale.

It is serious business, money just comes like anything, said a call-girl from New Delhi. As per Rani (Name changed) it was her poor financial conditions which ultimately took her to this trade. Rani has a paralyzed father who has no ability to walk while being an elder to the family she had no other options rather getting into such a profession that she never thought about. Things went ugly for Rani and she did it without having any other choice. Rani says she came into this profession through her college friends who do it for pocket money. As she is a beautiful girl her demand in the market is high. Her charges 10k 20k even 50k depending upon the clients. She is now earning more than expected. Her average income is 2 lakh to 3 lakh per month. With all that money she now takes care of her family.

Rani’s pimp Suresh (Name changed) earns more than 3 lakhs a month and lives a fulfilling life. As per him there is no wrong in the profession as it gives him a good livelihood. Gupta and his friends own a chain of escort agencies in the major metros, as per him he can supply college going girls, house wives, Escorts from different countries. He further says Russian escorts are in high demand.

He like other pimps put their ads on local classified sites like Locanto and several such sites. Dating sites like Ashley Madison was great. As per him Government has banned so many sites. 237 sites publishing escort ads were recently banned, it is just a dent to their business but these pimps say that banning domains would not stop them from accessing the sites, they use proxy to access these sites, and even it does not take time to change the domain of such websites.

There may be several such people who are actively involved in flesh trade as they know the money is lucrative and quick. As per an estimate internet based sex trade is more than a 600 cr industry. Is it a vice or a virtue the world needs to decide? Definitely not a virtue in India where we have strong moral values those differentiate from the rest the world.

Ashley Madison got hacked in the recent past and the members of the site got exposed. As per the data Delhi had more than 38,000 registered members while Mumbai had more than 33000 and Chennai had 16,434 such registered members.

The downside of such dating apps promoting casual sex with enticing slogans to do it for fun has a capability of making the world a morally corrupt planet.  Sex is definitely not a sin but setting a trade out of sex is surely a vice. Sex is divine as we are created out of sex but to use that divine energy which can create a new life just for quick money and quick pleasure will definitely a sin.


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