I lately knew that my husband is into bad things

 I have never imagined that this will one day happen to me. We had an arranged marriage and it’s been almost 8 years. He ruined our 8 years faith, bonding and commitment. I am a working woman and he has a construction business. Often he travels to known cities in North India on work and I manage the home affairs, kids. Off late my interest in sex has diminished a lot and I clearly told him that I cannot fulfill his physical demands. Even one day we had a heated argument where I told him that if you are so sex hungry why don’t you find someone who can satiate your animal lust. That was out of anger but never imagined that he will start looking for sex outside marriage.


One day I caught him talking to someone, it was all vulgar. I never imagined that my husband can talk such language. I started spying on him from that day. Even I hired someone to spy on him. What finally I knew really put me into an emotional distress. He has been into paid sex from a few months. I confronted the same with him. He then confessed that he has been through stress related to work and he was looking for me to help him emotionally as well physically and when he did not get that he resorted to such a step.

There are different moral rules and regulations for men and women. It is disgusting. I even thought of filing divorce but due to my kids I can’t do so. I discussed with few of my close friends and they advised that this is normal for men once they do not get physical satisfaction from their wives. I don’t think this is normal for every man.



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