I love my math teacher what should I do?

 I am in 12th standard and I am very much attracted to my Math teacher. The first time she came into our class all boys just fell flat. My teacher is an epitome of beauty, grace and sensuality. Initially I felt of her as a sexy woman but later on when she started interacting with us I saw a very good human being in her. She cares for us, never punishes her and never over burdens us with homework and always helps us in solving the difficult math problems.

One day I dared to talk to her outside the classroom in the pretext of some math puzzles and she asked me to come to a common room where she helped with my math problems. I was amazed that she was so kind to help me beyond her class room hours. From there on she became more like a friend. I then introduced my parents to my teacher and my parents almost know her as I always talked about her. One day I missed my school bus and she dropped me off at home as she comes by her own vehicle.

We became frank with each other, I knew her hobbies and she knew mine. We discussed lot of general things about friends and family. As she is a young teacher she is more like a student. She talked about her facebook walls posts, annoying friend requests and all those things that we students discuss.

Later I came to know that she lives with her boyfriend. She also asked me if I have a girlfriend, though that was a joke. When I heard she has a boyfriend I felt bad. I really felt bad. We sometimes share lunch together and from a few days I did not interact with her much as I felt like someone took her from me. I don’t know what it is. When she asked why I don’t mingle up and cheerful these days I told her everything that I felt. She listened to me very patiently and advised it’s my boyish infatuation, she held my hands and told I am your teacher and you are my student and there won’t be anything else beyond this.

I went through sadness and don’t know what to do. More I think about her more I like to spend time with her.


By : Admin| Category : Confession Page| Date : September 07,2016

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