I was groped in a busy bus

 Travelling in a jam-packed bus is really a challenge. I had an entrance exam and examination center was 5 bus stops away. It was not less than 10 kilometers. Dad used to do drop me during exam but that day he had fever, hence I told him that I will catch a bus and he should not worry about me. I reached the bus stop almost an hour and half before the exam time. Almost stood for 40 mins and there was no bus available. I was really anxious but finally a bus came and it was already jam-packed. I had no other way except boarding into the bus.

There was no space even to stand and no space for kindness among those male passengers who were seated.  It was so jam packed that even I felt breathless at moments and then a shocking thing happened, at one stop a couple of tall guys boarded the bus, some people insisted that already the bus was overloaded and why you allowed few others to get in. That bus conducer replied angrily those who feel uncomfortable can get off. It seemed those guys were some mechanic at some garage as they looked like that, the bus conductor started talking to them and he knew those guys. One of them was constantly staring at meand his vibes were really bad, he hinted the others and told them to look at me. I felt very awkward.

Then to my shock all of them came near me and asked some of the passenger to move, they looked like goons so all others around me just vacated their standing space, then all of them surrounded me in such a way that no one can see, as they were very tall I was just hidden among them, one of them then came behind me stood very close to me, he was so close that I can see his body touching my back portion. I told them to give me space I am not feeling well; they said you have enough space. Then they started touching me here and there in different pretext, my buttock was pressed and my body was touched by different hands, I was literally blank and did not know how to react, before I shout I thought they are goons and may harm me later. I silently endured the molestation till they got off the bus, and they left the bus laughing as if they had done a great job. 

Groping in buses in many smaller or bigger cities in India and other countries may be a daily incident but I still felt shocked when I think about the incident. I wonder how people don’t mind to take a girl for a ride, don’t they have shame.


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