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Before half a century cast based social discrimination was widely accepted in our nation it’s not about a practice that was practiced in the society 50 or 100 years back but it was something practiced from centuries in our country. Even today it’s been sought to have a caste census, those who are in favor to such caste census are politicians who want to benefit from a section of people based on their caste.
Politics is a dirty game! Those who stand tall among the public are the real destroyers of this nation. They win confidence of the poor to have access over power, money and prestige. Identity politics is a bigger problem here as Indians are generally comfortable with multiple identities in the order of: Caste, ethnic, regional, linguistic and religious. Most of us are proud of our multiple identities, sometimes we are centered on caste while sometimes we patronize a specific religion, lingua, ethnicity to such an extent that we remain happy in our own dogmatic social periphery, this has created a kind disintegration in the society.
When congress party comes to power the minorities take a deep breath, when a dalit leader comes to power some other sections of people feel threatened, it seems no one is completely free in this country as no one is ready to accept that beyond cast, creed, religion, ethnicity, regionalism we are just human beings and we should patronage the virtues of humanity. When we will self-realize the needs of caste-less society we will progress toward our true religion.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 14,2011

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