Idioms staring with A


A to Z:  It includes all facts about a particular Subject

This article tells A to Z about India’s shipping industry.

This means the article covers all the facets of shipping industry in India.

About-face: Complete change in Idea, plans and actions by an individual/group/institution etc

The newspaper made an about-face on a particular piece of news they published earlier and published an apology/ condemnation of ----------------------------------------.

 Above and Beyond: More than.

       The way she works above and beyond the normal working hours is really commendable.

My friend’s support during the time of my distress is above and beyond what I have ever expected of him.


Absence makes the heart grow fonder


This idiom is used when you try to express how much you miss someone when he/she is away.


When she was with me we would fight on small things and now that she is not with me I feel a void in my life, Ah, I understand absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Whether /by accident or design


Whether intended or not


This system developed through time whether by accident or design is surely of a great support to people who travel every day.


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