Imam as Judge of Big Boss 9, 1st finalist of semi finale selected

 Imam was given an opportunity to become the judge of the house and he called upon contestants one by one to hear on the allegations labled on them.

He called Mandana to his court and asked her she is the one who started the trend of physical violence why ? Mandana has her own clarification on this.

To Prince he asked he is the one who takes most advantage by be in groups? he makes relations of brother, sister and take advantage of it ? Prince did not agree to the allegations labled on him.

To Priya he asked she is the one who started sexism, feminism, racism etc ? Priya said Mandana and others said go back to Australia and they teased her a lot.

To Rochelle he alleged that she is the one who discovered the cool group in the house and later she became a part of cool group.

Roshabh and Keith also have their say on the allegations made on them.

After hearing all their clarifications Imam Siddique decided that the most honest among them are Rishabh and Priya and he nominated them as the two finalists for the finale.

Later he told the team that one among Priya and Rishabh the team has to find out who will become the first finalist of Big Boss 9 ?

The other teams members, Mandana, Keith, Prince and Rochelle took a collective decision to make Priya the first finalist of BB 9.


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