Imam Siddique as commander in Chief in Big Boss 9

 Big Boss gave a task to Imam to become commader in chief of the house and give the members of the house with some military style tasks. Imam was prompt in dessing himself in army attire while he ordred the team to dress as army men and women.

He asked them to stand facing the Sun and look at the sun.

Then he asked the team to parade left right. He was very strict when someone asked silly questions.

He asked Mandana to trim Rishabh’s hair, Rishabh also agreed to get his hair short by few centimeters from behind but when Mandana and Rishabh sat opposite to each other they got into an argumentative fight, soon Imam noticed and scolded them. He then assigned the task to Rochelle and also taught him how to cut hair.

After getting his hair cut by Rochelle Rishabh complained that the hair cut done was not perfect and he looks silly, Imam said I will set it right don’t worry.

Imam gave a task to the team where they need to stand on a big ice cube, Prince did,  Rishabh did, when it comes to Priya she also did the task but when she come off the ice she got temporarily paralysed from feet, Imam and other team members took her into a room where she got medical attention.

Big Boss asked Imam to come into the confession room where he told Imam that he is doing good and Iman in return thanked Big Boss for giving this fun-filled task. Big Boss however told Imam that he has to make 2 of the team members in quitting the task. Big Boss then gave Imam another day to execute the task. One of them selected by Imam as a result of the completing the tasks given by him will go in the finale.

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