Importance of marital friendship

You must have heard that marriages are made in heaven. If you once again reflect on this age-old saying you may feel that how important is marriage plays in life. As per several research findings it is concluded that people who stay lonely are at a high health risk than people who are married. Happily married couples are seen to have less stress than singles or unhappily married couples. The reason was more physiological. People may boast about their bachelor status but believe me no one wants to go through loneliness that causes depression as well as many other health problems.

Many psychologists even advice that if you want to ward-off the stresses of your life get married and even a best marriage saves the married couples from mid-life crisis. Even statistics go in favor of marriage and supports the how married people manage day to day stresses of life so well. In last 50 years the equation of marriage has changed dramatically as 50 years back women would marry to be secured financially while men needed someone to manage their home. Things change when women started taking up jobs, business and became career oriented. They have become financially independent as well as empowered. Now when they get married they not only share the family loads but also share companionship. Stability of marriages actually indicates if it is a happy marriage or an unhappy one. Stable marriages are seen among high-income and educated people while instable marriages are more likely the cases of lower income people as well as less educated people.

As per economists people going through a rough time and stress in life should get married soon. From the other study it was found that those who marry their best friend or if the spouse turns out to be your best friend than it is like a bonus in the married life. A romantic spouse or an understanding spouse can make a lot of difference in life in terms of emotional fulfillment. This is life and it has to go on. Happiness is more of an innate thing and no one indeed wants to be unhappy. Even after upsetting events, losses in life people come back to normal as no one actually likes to live a sad life. Men and women both benefit from marriage when they build a strong martial friendship. We always share our happiest moments, secrets as well as our difficult and sad moments with our best friends, when both the married partners become best friends they live happily, hence it is always advisable to develop, nurture and deepen marital friendship among married couples.  

Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Relationship| Sub Category : Love|Date : January 11,2015

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