India in Asian games

India outperformed many countries in common wealth Game bringin glory to home but common wealth game was staged in India and critics remarked that there was an advantage or edge over others as the common wealth game was held on Indian soil.
In Asian games we proved the sports critics wrong as India made its way into the top ten in the medals rally. We can proudly say that our sports stars who stole the show were long distance runnerPreeja Sreedharan and Sudha singh. Preeja and Kavita Raut won Gold and silver respectivly in women’s 1000 Meter final while Sudha Singh won Gold in 3000 meter steeplechase final while Ace Ronjan Sodhi in a double trap event ended up with Bronze.
India in toto made through 5 gold, 11 silver and 17bronze medals making a mark in the position 8th while in the last Asian games in Doha India had 10-17-26 to the credit.
By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Sports| Date : November 11,2011

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