India vs Pakistan 2015 world cup : who will win

India vs Pakistan 2015 world Cup match prediction is little challenging to predict but let me try my best to predict the match result before it starts. Methods I use are based on astrology.

I see moon is in the 7th house and

P. of Fortune      Conjunction        Uranus  0.45

P. of Fortune      Square   Pluto      0.37


These two things go in favour of Pakistan.

You may see sudden change in the fate of India while there will be lot of opposition by Pakistan. It seems that the bodily placement of moon in the H7 and its antiscion in the same house signifies something going against India team.

Antiscion of fortuna is close to the success of Pakistan seems to be another clue of their win while

Some other findings are as follows

So it is a fight between AK and GK as per Vedic astrology. Strange but I can relate. Mars is little stronger than venus.

My Prediction :  Pakistan has advantage over India.

Pls don’t mind if the prediction goes wrong because learning is a never ending process.

 Written By Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Astrology| Sub Category : Sports Astrology|Date : February 14,2015

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