Indian Black Money

It is very disappointing that the general people in India die of poverty while these babes are having a luxurious and Royal Life

Lokpal Bill seems like nothing to change dramatically, If we have a govt which is a conglomeration of parties from far and near having their own ambitions for money and power then the result will be just nothing but corruption and crime.


Julian Assange released the names of those rich billionaire frauds whose monies been hoarded in the Swiss banks and discussed about India's so-called lethargic approach towards getting the black money to the country

What stop's the present Govt to act aggressively, German Govt took aggressive steps to stop tax-evaders while in China the tax-evaders and smugglers are straight away given capital punishment, If these countries are so aggressive then why not we. Are we so scared of the powerful or we are busy in our own little things

By Dipti Prasad Padhi



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