Indian economy in the prospect of employment

India is a highly populated country; the scale and size of employment in organized as well as unorganized sectors vary. As per data India has a work force of 47 cr people out of which 10% are in the organized sector.Though we have been consistent on the average  growth of 8% in the last five years our employment growth is not so impressive. Job creation through investment is a good prospect when growth in concerned but the manpower intensive jobs are only a way to show that we have created jobs for people where as any job that can enhance the quality of life should be focused upon. Quality job creation that can enhance the quality of lives comes with prudent economic policies and industries where people can get a room to think, plan, experiment and manifest their ideas. Due to overpopulation we have certain advantages when we look at industrial growth which needs cheap labor to compete with others. Some people say the countries that are densely populated are the future super powers as they can expand their defense, they may build many different industries that can manufacture goods and provide services but they forget that in these countries the general masses can not have quality jobs.
To generate quality jobs in the economy people who have knowledge and education should understand that quality comes with the way we project ourselves to the world. If we attract investment in the name of cheap labour and flexible laws which can be subject to manipulation we may end up getting economic progress with no progress in quality of life for all. Why we attract foreign investment? As they think we work with marginal money and they know the art of manipulation in case of need as our law and order is flexible for people with money and power. In a densely populated country like India and china the scale and size of corruption is noticeable due to the general psyche of people who want success that is self-centric.
Skill development through practical knowledge or vocational knowledge based education should be kept under priority as again quality comes with skill and knowledge. Education should be imparted in all nooks and corners sincerely. As long as the larger sections of the masses are not educated they will never understand Health, hygiene, population control and quality of living.
Written by Dipti Prasad Padhi

By : | Category : Business and Economy| Date : November 11,2011

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