Indian Government’s new initiative to stop crime against women

Soon the Indian government is launching a website to provide information about sex offender and other crime against women. This is indeed a move to make the concerned parents, employers, relatives of the country’s women population aware about the sex offenders residing or working in their vicinity. Only charge-sheeted records of criminals will be updated in the website.


This step is a part of Crimes and Criminals Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS). Information of Charge-sheeted criminals, wanted and most wanted criminals will be published. This online initiative also extends its service in publishing the data about missing persons, human trafficking and easy access to legal services to help not only women of the country but also the general masses in tracking or knowing about  criminals.

In USA there is a similar website called National Sex Offender Public Website which helps the people of their country in knowing the current location of the criminals, sex offenders and other crime information.

Delhi police has recently launched a mobile application called “Himmat†to help women in distress. The app acts like an alarm raiser for women in distress. Once the aap is on distress signals will be transmitted to the police and in 5-7 mins the police would be there to act against the criminal.

Department of telecommunication in line with home ministry has set-up a nation-wide emergency response system through the emergency number 112. The best thing about 112 is it can be reached via all tele-communication mediums such as landline telephone, mobile phones as well as their sms, chat, voip, app services.


112 is one of grand government project which would cost the Government 312 crore but its objective a way important than the money involved to stop crime and punish offenders. 112 services will have a capability to handle 10 lakh calls per day while roughly 3,500 call attenders will be deployed to handle the emergency calling service.


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