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Internet has opened the Pandora’s Box of seduction, sexting, virtual or real sex, swapping, sleeping with multiple partners just for physical gratification and many more such. And the aftermath of these pleasurable sexual activities may not always have positive impact to mind, body and spirit if such activities reach a level of addiction. There ae many forms of addiction on internet. Hanging onto social networking sites for long, chatting relentlessly, obsessed to online games, online porn and sexting are some of the example.

Recently Manu Jain (Name changed) confessed that even though she was married with a kid she was introduced by an office colleague to the world of sexting. In the beginning her male colleague started to seduce her with flirty gestures and talks, later it ended up in sexting through SMS and through chatting on social media sites. They started to share their nude pictures and the excitement grew to such an extent that finally they decided to take it from fantasy to reality.

Shweta ( Name changed ) who is a college going girl is addicted to sexting, As per her it was easy to find mates on secret sex or love groups of social networking site and dating sites. Finally her days and nights of sexting ended up with the loss of her virginity.

slam from Pakistan who lives in Dubai confessed that he has more than 40 female friends on internet, He further confessed that he has not had sex yet as Islam is against premarital sexual encounters. Even though he has so many stranger friends ready to give intimacy but he still restrained and unsure about how long he could restrain him.

 Sexual addictions are often born from boredom, loneliness and emotionally unfulfilling life. Therapy is often a cure, finding love is not a bad idea, while proper physical exercises including yoga and meditation may help in knowing the mind’s real needs.

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